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Aemotio Spa is regarded as a new direction in wellness. This system triples the normal profitability spa cabins, it involves multifunctional spa treatments such as rest , anti-cellulite treatments , drainage treatments , treatments for slimming and firming , body wrap , scrub , massage and facial . On Aemotio Spa depth adjusts power. It is ideal for carrying all traditional facial and body treatments as well as treatments with water, thanks to Vibration brush and Vichy Shower corner. Vichy Shower is "Prepare" function that allows the SPA therapist to choose the desired water temperature before starting treatment. The latter is equipped with 6 shower heads, which can be placed separately and water mattress and provides clients with an intense feeling of wellness and the opportunity to relax , thanks to the temperature control creates maximum comfort .

Chromotherapy light creates the desired atmosphere through various , and seven colors that can rotate automatically respectively SPA therapist also has the choice of a suitable color for this form of treatment . Aemotio Spa includes five infrared lamps, which are positioned between the head Vichy shower treatments for amplification.

It is also possible clients a real steam bath connecting fabric in a single structure to form an isolated area. The result is relaxation and increases the effectiveness of treatment.


  • Equipment

    -heated water



    -comfort Vichy


    -thermostatic valve

    -temperature display

    -vibration+water brush

    -steam-bath body

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