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Cold shaping

COOLSHAPING's integrated technology offers an advanced weight loss solution using integrated technology, krya and vacuum technology. To increase the effectiveness of cellulite and fat treatment, the system provides 2 types of specialized applicators to effectively complete the treatment.

  • Integrated cover, vacuum and LED technology:

    • Strong cryo-performance
    • 4 types of vacuum pulses

    A proven solution you can trust.

    COOLSHAPING is a proven procedure for fat reduction in the target area using integrated cover, vacuum and LED technology. This device offers non-invasive cryo-cooling for fat cell reduction and fat removal.

    • Absolute treatment results
    • Proven technology
    • Treatment with two main functions at once
    • Setting up treatment by employees
  • How COOLSHAPING works:

    • Coolshaping transmits cryo energy during the vacuum treatment with LED technology, which increases the effect of the treatment.
    • The system is specially designed to protect the surface of the skin. Cryo energy crystallizes only fat cells from damaged tissues.
    • Application of COOLSHAPING by applicators to the target area begins with cryo-cooling to the required temperature, which causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis.
    • Fat cells are destroyed. After treatment, fat cells reach biological death and are eliminated by metabolism.
  • Convenient use:

    • target temperature control
    • setting the treatment time
    • automatic function process
    • 4 types of vacuum pulse
    • vacuum pressure control
  • Specification:

    • applicators: large, medium
    • cooling temperature: -10°C to 5°C
    • vacuum range: maximum 260mmHg
    • dimensions (width x length x height): 379x438x1.066
    • panel: 10.2 inches, color LCD, touch screen
    • weight: 60 Kg

    • Integrated cover, vacuum and LED technology
    • Control of vacuum pressure and target temperature
    • Absolute treatment results thanks to powerful cryo-power
    • Treatment with two main functions at once
    • 4 types of vacuum pulses
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