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(RF) CO₂ Fractional Laser with W-Pulse


The features of the new Belladona laser system represent a new era in fractional and vaginal rejuvenation with CO₂. Belladonna generates pulsed and fractional CO2 in different modes. The W-impulse is optimized for a stable thermal effect during the treatment. The main indication and goal is ensure the maximum thermal effect on the vaginal wall through W-Pulse. Belladona offers various attachments, two types of vaginal probes, fractional and surgical accessories. Belladona comes with a professionally equipped set that enables perfect care during treatment. Vaginal rejuvenation and firming, fractional and surgical CO 2 regimens are available in one.

  • Features

    • High performance in the treatment of the vagina 
    • Vaginal strengthening, rejuvenation and increasing elasticity Remodeling of vaginal tissue with collagen 
    • Treatment of insufficient vaginal secretion 
    • Vaginal anti-inflammatory treatment, developing immunity Remission of vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence 
    • W-Pulse for rejuvenation 
    • Combination of ablation and microtour effect 
    • Creating a micromotor effect after high radiation during the treatment 
    • RF module with higher laser beam quality 
    • Smoke suction function from burnt tissue during treatment 
    • Minimally invasive procedure, without consumption, without anesthesia, without incision, without bleeding 
    • facial rejuvenation with a surgical break mode
    • Scars, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation 
    • Automatic probe rotating by 45 degrees (optional)
  • Indication

    • Rejuvenation of the vagina 
    • Labium 
    • Skin whitening 
    • Wrinkle removal 
    • Increasing flexibility
  • Technical specifications

    Type of laser: RF CO₂ laser 

    Wavelength: 10,600 nm 

    Repetition rate :      Fractional mode: 1 ~ 10kHz 

    W pulse mode: 45 ~ 225 Hz  Spot size  : 1 x 1 to 20 x 20 mm 

    Pulse duration : Fractional mode: 1 ~ 3000 μs 

    W pulse mode: 1.05 ~ 17.0ms 

    Maximum energy: Fractional mode: 115mJ, W Pulsed mode: 200mJ

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