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The device allows you to choose one of four independent

treatment groups, tailored to the individual needs of the customer:



- anti-aging treatment, lifting, firming, cellulite removal, smoothing of scars, stretch marks and a special program for men


- solution for inflammation of the tendons, sprain, muscle pain, cramps, muscle stiffness, preparation before sports activity


- to relax the mind and heavy legs


- treatment with supportive drugs for vascular problems, swellings, hematomas and burns

  • Face

    A set of types for toning, drainage and reclamation is assigned to the face.

  • Why DX TWIN?

    For the first time, DX TWIN uses non-contact EVOsphere heads for double asymmetric stimulation. So it is possible to eliminate fibrosis in deeper layers and this treatment is also suitable for regulating body fat.

    During the DX TWIN treatment, it is best to place the heads on the patient and the rest will be done without the help of the therapist, using special motors inside the lens that will make the head move by itself.

    The special task of the EVO3D allows you to perform a massage with three rollers on different structures and tissue thicknesses. The rollers enable the simultaneous reception of two skin folds, which form three zones with different depths. Massage increases elastin fiber stimulation, collagen reconstruction and stimulates blood circulation in the tissues. Touch-roll technology allows you to connect the application of a cosmetic product and treatment performed using the device.

  • DX TWIN treatment with STARVAC cosmetics:

    • slimming cream - improves blood circulation, causes tissue microstimulation, helps burn fat and strengthens cell walls
    • draining cream - brings a refreshing effect, stimulates blood circulation in tissues, relaxes blood vessels
    • regeneration serum - smoothes wrinkles, reduces stretch marks, detoxifies
  • Others

    The DX TWIN device is remote controlled, which allows for quick and easy use. The remote control allows you to set the intensity of the vacuum, or go to the next stage of the treatment without having to interrupt the treatment.

  • 4 main reasons why DX TWIN:

    • Remote controlled device.
    • Developed by a French company.
    • 4 independent treatment areas.
    • EVO3D.
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