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New Starvac SP2:

A device combining vacuum suction massage with the "palpate & roll" technique, an innovation dedicated to efficiency:


  • Original and revolutionary design
  • Wide LCD screen
  • Preset programs
  • Programmable
  • 13 accessories to the treatment
  • Patented system
  • Treatments for ankles: therapeutic, sports and aesthetic

The Starvac SP2 is equipped with a wide LCD screen that allows easy and quick viewing of all functions. One finger touch is all it takes.


    • Mobile rollers create a bump on the skin
    • Suction spatulas
    • Sliding rollers

    STARVAC SP2 creates a vacuum on the surface of the skin, which is then sucked between the two inner rollers of the treatment probe. These mobile rollers automatically and continuously adapt to the thickness of the layered skin. When moving the probe, the layered skin is rolled and compressed between two mobile rollers that repeat the "palpate & roll" massage method.

    Two spatulas - situated in front and behind the mobile rollers - make the resulting lymphatic drainage an even more effective method.
    Two external rollers facilitate the sliding movement of the treatment probe over the treated area.

    Thanks to these innovative and patented probes, the STARVAC SP2 needs to suck in less air than other competing devices for the same performance.

    STARVAC SP2 is therefore a powerful, compact, high-tech product offering an optimal ratio between price and efficiency.


    The BASIC suction cup STARVAC SP2 mobilizes tissues in the designated zone and can be used in static or sliding mode.

    The DOUBLE suction cup STARVAC SP2 performs a static circular "palpate & roll" massage on the designated area supported by the simultaneous use of 4 patented suction cups.


    Treatment probes

    • Mainly used in aesthetic and body care treatments.
    • The small probe is recommended for use on areas such as the arms and calves.
    • The larger probe is more effective on larger areas such as the thighs, buttocks and back.

    Slimming cream

    • This 100% water-soluble massage cream with slimming properties helps the supplements to gently glide over the skin and improves results thanks to the innovative and highly active lecithin-caffeine complex.
    • It is available in 1 liter bottles with a dispenser and a 200 ml tube of cream for home use.
  • Dimensions (in cm)

    Height: 22.5
    Length: 47.5
    Width: 32

  • Dimensions including carriage and arm:

    Height: 165
    Length: 47.5
    Width: 40.5

    115/230 V 50 Hz / 190 W
    115/230 V 60 Hz / 210 W

  • Others

    Continuous or pulsating vacuum, 0-900 millibars


    2 years, parts and operation

    International patent:

    registered trademark and design

  • After testing Starvac on many customers for 2 yrs.


    • orange skin becomes normal skin (85% of cases)
    • local edema is reduced by 60% (70% of cases)
    • local pain during palpation, fibrosis and tissue sclerosis is reduced by 95% (100% of cases)
    • 40% visible improvement in skin relaxation (60% of cases)
    • STARVAC SP2 is effective in the treatment of panniculopathy, liposclerosis and cellulite.
  • Why STARVAC SP2?

    • Made in France
    • Nursing probe and suction cups
    • Combines vacuum suction massage with the "palpate & roll" technique
    • Aesthetic, therapeutic and sports treatment
    • Wide LCD screen
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