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CRYO therapy -15 C ° TREATMENT Functions

  • Functions

    CryoPro offers a state-of-the-art solution for freezing the skin using technology that reduces pain through heat treatment. The system combines a centralized cooling system and a heating system.

    • fast cooling rate
    • strong and stable mechanical properties
    • double function of the applicator (cooling and heat)
    • heads
  • Mechanism

    Built-in temperature control, keeps the temperature at a constant level of -15 degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops from the predefined range, the system will automatically increase it to the desired temperature.

  • Why CRYOPRO?

    • double function of the applicator (cooling and heat)
    • universality of the device
    • rapid cooling
    • use on every part of the body
    • use for infusing vitamins, skin regeneration, pain relief and skin exfoliation
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