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808nm Diode Laser - Permanent Hair Removal Skin Exfoliation

Depilight Diode Laser system provides permanent laser hair removal
technology with high power up to 60 J / cm2, with pulses of 10-430 ms, with a laser range of 1
place 9 x 9 mm and with adjustable frequency pulse frequency (DP 3 Hz ~ FDP 10 Hz)
and has a sapphire cooling contact and an ergonomic handle. Option predictable, ensure a
repeatable results.

  • Indications

    It is intended for hair removal and permanent epilation, it is intended for use on all skin types.
    Certificates: KFDA, CE.

  • Advantages

    1. Possibility of rapid treatment
    the depilatory light has a high coverage rate with 9x9 mm sizes and a high repetition rate
    up to 10 Hz for FDP mode and 3 Hz for DP mode

    2. High power wave diode
    homogeneous energy delivery along the pulse segments provides reliable results, mode
    blending enables safe treatment for all skin types

    3. Saphire tip cooling contact
    gives the patient comfort even through the delivery of higher flows

    4. Continuous wave technology
    a much more advanced method than diode lasers-CW laser allows both very short and very long

    5. 360W peak power is the same as average power
    ensures an optimal therapeutic range without side effects

    6. No Consumables

    7. Indications

    for hair removal, immediate results in acne treatment, depilation, skin tightening

  • Specification

    light source: diode, continuous wave

    wavelength: 808 nm

    power: more than 60 J/cm

    pulse duration: 10-430 msec

    laser range for 1 place: 9x9 mm

     repetition mode: DP mode up to 3Hz, FDP mode up to 10Hz

    skin cooling: 5°C cold water

    electrical requirements: 230 V, 4.5 A, 50-60 Hz

    dimensions: 459 x 500 x 275 mm

     weight: 26 kg (without basket)

  • Expected results

    • Following the treatment, erythema and redness may occur, which disappear after a few hours.
    • Even if the hairs grow back later, their properties will change. They will be smaller or lighter.
    • For complete epilation, it is recommended to undergo several treatments (6-8), depending on the amount hair in the anagen phase.
    • Treatment results depend on hair texture (darker hair responds better to laser hair removalas lighter).
    • In principle, permanent hair removal cannot be achieved, only long-term reduction.
    • After the first laser treatment, 30% of the hair disappears and after the last more than 75% in about 6-12 months.
  • CW diode technology:

    • State-of-the-art technology - more advanced technology than quasi-CW lasers allows very short and also very long pulses.
    • Constant power – peak power (250W) is the same as average power.
    • Safety – moderate peak power and homogeneous energy distribution throughout the pulse
    • means optimal therapeutic range and no side effects.
  • Protocol (II)

    *time intervals

    • small location / 4-6 weeks
    • large location / 6-8 weeks

    *number of sessions

    • more than 8 (average 6)
    • care after the procedure
    • cyrocell cooling
    • Aloe vera and moisturizing cream
    • sunscreen

    *small vs large locations

    • armpit
    • bikinis
    • chin
    • mustaches
    • hands
    • legs
    • back
    • chest and abdomen
  • Part of the body and Parameters

    part of the body


    Armpits - coarse hairs


    Bikini - coarse hair



    DPI/24~26J(30J for fine hair)/Short(2pass)

    Legs - men


    Mustache, forehead - fine hairs


    Forehead - coarse hairs

    DPI/20~22J/ Short (2~3pass)

    Face - men

    DPI/10J ->4 -16J/Short(2pass)


  • Protocol - skin off

    Part of the body Parameter


    DPI/20-24J/3Hz mixed (vector direction, 3-4 transitions) FDP /12J/10Hz

    Cleansing with 5 or more passes 2-3 mm above the surface of the skin, cooling the cooling effect of the cold end of the head and to tighten the pores.


    Part of the body Parameter


    DP I/20/2Hz mixed (vector direction, 2-3 passes) FDP /12J/10Hz

    Cleansing with 5 or more passes 2-3 mm above the surface of the skin, cooling the cooling effect of the cold end of the head and to tighten the pores.

    Part of the body Parameter

    Mimic wrinkles

    DP I/22/3Hz mixed (vector direction, 2-3 transitions) FDP /12J/10Hz

    Cleansing with 5 or more passes 2-3 mm above the skin surface, to compensate for the cooling effect of the cold end of the head and to shrink the pores.

  • Acne treatment with indocyanine green (PDT)



    The handle

    Ergonomic and light

    More than 3 pulsesper second

    Quick treatment (procedure)

    Speed: 2.43cm2/s

    Quick treatment (procedure)

    high power CW diode 

    The most modern technology

    mixed mode pulses                                 

    Preheating (long pulses) + therapeutic pulses (short pulses)


  • Mixed pulse mode

    • Very wide range of pulses between 10 and 430 ms
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Suitable for all hair textures
    • Also suitable for tanned skin Mixed mode – a combination of longer heating pulses with short therapeutic pulses
    • Optimized pulses for all skin types
  • Sapphire cooling contact tip

    • It helps to prevent epidermis
    • Increases patient comfort
    • Allows higher doses for each skin type
  • Why exactly DEPILIGHT?

    • The most effective hair removal method.
    • Excellent aesthetic and long-term results.
    • It reduces the risk of burning.
    • Quick and easy control.
    • Advanced contact cooling technology for client comfort.
    • It can withstand up to 2 million impulses.
    • A new generation of diodes - continuous wave technology.
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