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System of fractional and thermal RF
DUET RF is based on advanced radio frequency targeting technology.
The Duet RF System is used individually or as a combination treatment to maximize effectiveness
treatment of various indications.
Specially designed heads and attachments are available for different types of clinical treatments, whether
high performance, different levels and times of treatment - this allows the operator of the device to perform
more precise and safer treatment.
Fractional RF system device
AFMR skin resurfacing technology.
Fractional RF provides AFMR technology, or advanced fractional multipolar technology
radio frequency.
AFMR treatment leaves an ablation zone, including deep necrotic areas.
It promotes more effective collagen shaping of the body compared to traditional treatment approaches.
Advanced multipolar radiofrequency
Each supplied positive electrode is focused on thermal energy.

  • Thermal RF system

    NTTS Thermal RF delivery technology
    A poleless thermal structure system is a technology that delivers the same degree of thermal RF
    The system leads to a non-invasive treatment of collagen contraction and creates collagen fibers and

  • Advanced monopolar radiofrequency

    • Energy delivered indirectly through polyamide fibers with the NTTS system.
    • Energy through the positive pole is transferred to the target area, NTTS performsthe same degree of energy in the dermal layer.
  • Product benefits

    • Precision of treatment.
    • Adjusting the duration and intensity of the radio frequency.
    • Technologies of safe and permanent delivery of RF thermal energy.
    • Heat control.
    • Sensor technology.
    • Improved useful extensions.
    • Specialized attachments.
    • Less pain, less side effects.
    • Short treatment time.
    • Long time of operation.
  • Clinical indications

    • wrinkles
    • scars
    • pores
    • hypertrophic texture
    • pigmentation
    • firming skin
    • lifting
    • Acne / acne scars
    • formation
  • Why DUET RF?

    • Technology of safe and constant delivery of RF thermal energy.
    • Formation of new collagen fibers already 4 weeks after treatment.
    • Lifting and firming of the skin.
    • Reduces wrinkles, scars, acne and pores.
    • AFMR technology.
    • Adjusting the duration and intensity of the radio frequency.
    • Sensor technology.
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