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How does it work?

Focus Dual provides proven solution for Facial treatment from advanced technology – combination of HIFU and Fractional micro needle RF. HIFU is an efficient method for face lifting, Multi needle RF can be used from acne scar treatment. Especially, the delicate setting adjustment will give the operators high satisfaction by convenient use and significant clinical effects.



    Fractional micro-needle RF

    When a micro-needle is inserted into the skin, bipolar RF also has an effect on the skin. RF energy directly acts on the dermis and will support the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Acupuncture helps to improve the condition of skin with acne and pores. Various skin problems can be solved by setting the appropriate needling depth.


    [4.5mm] SMAS

    The SMAS layer is located at a depth of 4.5mm from the surface of the face, which is a layer of tissue that covers, surrounds and connects to the deeper tissues and structures of the face. When this layer loosens, the facial muscle sags, making you look older. By supplying energy to the muscle fascia and creating a coagulation focus, Focus Dual tightens the muscle fascia and has excellent lifting effects.

    [3.0mm] The lower part of the dermis By revitalizing old collagen and elastin at a depth of 3.0mm, it guarantees various treatment effects, e.g. reduction of wrinkles, skin tightening and improvement of skin color.

    [1.5mm] The upper part of the dermis By supplying HIFU energy to the epidermal layer, it is possible to achieve various treatment effects, e.g. reduction of wrinkles around the eye and mouth areas where the skin is thin, and skin tightening.


    [13mm] Subcutaneous adipose tissue

    Fat cells are destroyed at a temperature of more than 56 degrees, when Energy in a specially designed cartridge reaches the fat layers at a depth of 13 mm. Destroyed fat cells are emptied by macrophagocytosis. It can be used on various areas around the waist and thighs.

  • Advantages

    A. Fractional microneedle RF

    • Possibility to choose a head designed for legs or hands.
    • Safer treatment using the vacuum function.
    • Hygienic treatment using removable multi-needles.
    • Depth: 0.5~3.5mm
    • RF level: 1~10 levels
    • RF control, timing
    • Suction: 0~3 level
  • B. HIFU

    • Depth: 1.5 / 3.0 / 4.5 / 13 mm
    • Number of cartridges: 5
    • Easy cartridge replacement
    • Comfortable design with 3 buttons
  • C. Touch screen

    • 10.2-inch touch screen
    • Setting the user interface optimally for the user
  • Specification

    Type of energy: Radiofrequency and HIFU

    Applicators: RF head,

    HIFU head Cartridge (terminal): 10 pin / 25 pin / SM 4-4.5 / DD 7-3.0 / SD 7-1.5 / SD 7-1.5N / SC 4-13

    Input power: AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz

    Dimensions (W x D x H mm): 497 x 437 x 329

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