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Homium Laser 2100nm


Holliwon30 is one of the best laser system solutions for spine,

prostate and urinary stone surgery.


  • Small incisions and minimal scar tissue formation
  • Minimal invasion = less damage to healthy tissues
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced pain and reduced need for pain medication, faster recovery and faster return to normal activities and return home the same day
  • Reducing the risk of postoperative infection
  • Indication

    • Laser decompression of the lumbar disc
    • Laser spinal endoscopy
    • Removal of soft tissues
    • All open and endoscopic soft tissue procedures
  • Specification

    • Homium Laser system type
    • Wavelength 2,100 nm
    • Energy per pulse 0.1 ~ 3J (0.1 step)
    • Output beam: 0.4-80W
    • Guide beam: less than 5mW (532)
    • Pulse duration 600 μs
    • Repetition rate 2~15Hz (1Hz step)
    • Dimensions 621 mm (W) x 976 mm (D) x 1222 mm (H)
    • Electric voltage 220V, 50/60 Hz, 20A, single-phase
    • Dimension 370 (W) x714 (D) x894 (H) mm
    • Guide beam <5mw @ 532nm
    • Weight 75 kg
    • Water and air cooling
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