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HR 808

HR 808

Diode laser


HR 808 is the fastest, painless and most effective diode laser platform for hair removal on all skin and hair types. The clinically proven 808nm wavelength delivers enough energy to target hair for precise and effective results. Excellent cooling technology allows the patient to feel no pain and safe treatment, without burning.

  • Features

    • High-speed treatment
    • High coverage with a size of 20 x 10 mm and a high repetition rate of up to 20 Hz.
    • Security
    • Uniform treatment and high quality diode laser with a resolution of 808 nm. Minimizes thermal damage at monochromatic wavelength.
    • Sapphire tip cooling system (-10℃)
    • It provides patient comfort despite high turnover and reduces pain during treatment.
    • The most powerful and reliable performance.
    • 800w module (80W X 10), so it always maintains strong energy up to 320 J / cm and stable operation.
    • It provides a wide range of pulse duration 10 ~ 800ms.
  • Indication

    • Removal of unwanted hair
    • Bikini area, forehead, chest, back, arms, legs and others
    1. HR808 head radiates high energy, maximum 100J / ㎠ (Max 800 W)
    2. The manual part of the guide head is designed to reduce processing time and to cover large areas. (Square 240 mm2)
    3. User-friendly interface for high-speed beam irradiation to reduce processing time. (20 Hz, 20 frames per second)
    4. Marked strong Sapphire contact cooling for pain reduction and burn protection. (Min -10°C)
  • Technical specifications

    • Laser type: High power CW laser diode
    • Wavelength: 808nm
    • Repetition rate: 1 ~ 20 Hz
    • Spot size: 10mm x 10mm
    • Pulse duration: 10 ~ 400ms
    • Maximum energy: 1J / ㎠ ~ 100J / ㎠
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