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A new wave of mesotherapy without needles


Electromesotherapy INFUSION is a safe, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy. It offers all the benefits of mesotherapy without the risks. INFUSION revitalizes the skin with enriching solutions that leave the skin supple, refreshed and radiant. Built on the well-established science of electroporation, INFUSION maximizes cellular permeability and absorption and also supports the overall appearance of the face and body.

  • Designed for aesthetic professionals

    Designed for aesthetic professionals, INFUSION offers the perfect non-invasive solution for a wide range of cosmetic applications and greatly expands the possibilities for aesthetic treatments such as:

    • anti-aging treatments and wrinkle removal
    • collagen regeneration
    • collagen rehydration
    • skin firming and toning
    • body shaping and cellulite reduction
    • reduction of stretch marks


    IONWAVE INFUSION zlepšuje priepustnosť kože a umožňuje tak bezpečný priechod prírodných hojivých zlúčenín. Precízne vyrobené pulzujúce vlny dočasne otvárajú mikro kanáliky cez bunkovú membránu za účelom obídenia vrstvy stratum corneum bez prerazenia kože.

  • IONWAVE effects

    • When the IONWAVE properties come into contact with the cell, they begin to rearrange the lipid bilayer structures to form micro-pores in the cell membrane.
    • As the gatekeeper ("keeper, defender") of the cell, micro channels allow or restrict the passage of natural nutritional compounds and extracts. Microchannels are short-lived and heal after compound delivery.


    Viora's all-natural solutions are made from purer, high-quality ingredients to maximize absorption and ensure safety and efficacy. Scientifically designed to achieve the desired effect, the interplay between the ionic solution and the INFUSION device determines the penetration depth and ensures sufficient permeability. Each solution is a mixture of special serums, proteins and healing particles and is precisely formulated for a specific application. The use of unique INFUSION solutions in cooperation with the INFUSION system is recommended in order to achieve optimal results.

  • INFUSION - improve your Service Portfolio

    The INFUSION system brings high-quality aesthetic equipment to your clinic. It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments and is the perfect complement to a number of standard treatments such as peeling and exfoliation. As an optimal addition to the aesthetic office, INFUSION offers a convenient and practical solution for the skin needs of all patients.

  • Advantages of INFUSION

    • IONWAVE: state-of-the-art technology designed to deliver optimal permeability without the risk of injury or infection.
    • Visible results immediately: maximum absorption of ionic solutions for results that patients can see and feel.
    • No needles: patients enjoy a safe and painless treatment without bruising, edema or infection.
    • Intelligent, ergonomic design: an easy-to-use and functional device allowing doctors to carry out treatments comfortably.
    • Compact and lightweight unit: easily portable for full treatment flexibility.

    • Power source: bipolar balanced output (proprietary waveform)
    • Resistance: output 10 kilo Ohm
    • Outputs: 2 independent outputs 1 probe for face treatment 1 probe for body treatment
    • Output power setting: linear, settings continue from 0 to maximum
    • Electrical parameters: 220 V, 50 c/s or 110 V, 60 c/s - 50 V/A
    • Diameter of the body probe: 60 mm
    • Diameter of face probe: 28 mm
    • Dimensions: 35cm (length) x 27cm (width) x 24cm (height)
    • Weight: 5.0 kg

    VIORA is the market leader in the development of technologically advanced aesthetic systems for doctors and aesthetic clinics worldwide. Dedicated to the research and discovery of safe and effective aesthetic solutions, VIORA offers the highest standards of professional solutions while not forgetting your business needs.
    All products are designed by veteran medical device designers in collaboration with the company's advisory board, which includes physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. All Viora products are clinically tested and used by doctors and skin specialists worldwide.


    Safe and painless mesotherapy without needles.
    Effective anti-aging treatment for the reduction of wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite.
    Visible results already after the 1st treatment.
    IONWAVE technology.
    Compact and easily portable device for full treatment flexibility.

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