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Mesofiller global

Mesofiller global

Reticulated hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml). Medium wrinkles and lips.

  • Characteristics

    • Single use, pre-loaded syringe for perfect stability and storage.
    • Ergonomic plunger/digital axis that enables 360° rotation ensuring maximum stability and control during injection.
    • Luer-lock connection for maximum safety and comfort.
    • Inverse graduation.
    • Uniform injection and homogeneous diffusion for greater accuracy in extrusion of the product.
    • Easy to inject and mould to the touch.
  • Treatment areas

    • forehead wrinkles
    • glabella
    • nasolabial fold
    • outlined + lip commissure
    • marionette line
    • lip volume
    • perioral area (bar codes)
    • lifting points on eyebrows and periaricular areas
    • malar area (valley of tears)
  • Advantages

    • HIGHLY PURE hyaluronic acid. High correction capacity and homogeneity. Minimum risk of side effects.
    • Maximum safety due to its Esterilization Permanent Production System. CE Marking.
    • MHigh durability and resistance. 100% monophasic.
    • mesoestetic® Innovation: densiMatrix® Technology.
    • Affinity and adaptability with skin.
    • Clinically demonstrated efficacy.
    • 100% of patients showed improvement.
    • 90% of patients would repeat the treatment.
  • Specifications

    • NaHa concentration 20 mg/ml
      Level of reticulation •••••
      Molecular weight 2,4 - 4 Mda
      Indications Medium-depth wrinkles
      Increase, outlining and moisturisation of lips Cheeks
      Marked nasolabial fold
      Perioral area
      Marionette lines
      Level of injection Mid-dermis
      Volume 1 x 1 ml
      Needles 2 x 27G 1/2”
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