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How does it work?


Without damaging the skin surface Microson delivers intense ultrasound energy (HIFU: High intensity Focused Ultrasound) to the muscle fascia in order to tighten the sagged muscle fascia. It is a device to guarantee instant lifting. With its specially designed cartridge for the body it produces focal thermal coagulation points to destroy fat cells and helps body slimming, Mircoson is a non-invasive and non-surgical device to offer safe and effective treatments.

  • Technology


    The SMAS layer is located in the depth of 4.5mm from the facial surface and means a layer of tissue that covers, surrounds and attaches to the deeper tissues and structures of the face. When this layer is loosened, the facial muscle gets sagged and it makes you look older. By delivering Energy to the muscle fascia and creating focal coagulation points Microson tightens the muscle fascia and gets excellent lifting results..

    By revitalizing aged collagen and elastin in the depth of 3.0mm it guarantees various treatment effects like wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and skin tone improvement.

    By delivering HIFU energy to the epidermis layer, you can get various treatment effects like wrinkle reduction around the areas of the eyes and the mouth where the skin is thin, and skin tightening.


    Fat cells are destroyed above 56 degrees when Energy is given to the fat layers located in the depth of 1.3mm with the specially designed cartridge for the body. Destroyed fat cells are discharged by macrophagocyte. It can be applied to various areas around the waist and the thighs

  • Advantage

    . Giving a different color identity for each cartridge type
    A type of color is written on the cartridge in order to distinguish which Microson cartridge type is used by giving a different color identity for each cartridge type

    B . Cartridge removing lever
    The cartridge removing lever is installed to help right and easy mounting of the cartridge.

    C . Operating LED
    The lamp blinks while transmitting the energy to the skin.

    D . Status LED
    A Status LED shows different colors depending on the state of the hand piece. You can check whether energy is properly delivered or not during the treatment.

    E . Indication of the direction and the length of energy shooting
    The indication of the direction & the length of the energy delivery help the treatment being done meticulously without missing any target area.

    F . Light and flexible cable
    The cable is wrapped around by PVC material and designed to move flexibly with any small movements in order to treat the small target areas meticulously.

    G . Slim and sleek body design
    The slim and sleek body design is a new version of the outdated heavy & dull design and helps improving efficiency of treatment on the target areas. It gives aesthetic advantages.

    H .Graphic display showing the depth of operation of the cartridge in the UI(LCD Touch Screen)
    Graphic display shows the depth of operation of the mounted cartridge and plays a role of the operation guide.

    I . Built-in hand piece holder
    It is designed to put the hand piece directly on the body of the device and minimizes the risk of interrupting the operating movements. In addition, as it is possible to put the hand piece safely in the holder with or without a cartridge, you can conveniently put it on the holder at any time of the operation.

  • Specifications


    Energy Type



    Included: SM4-4.5, DD7-3.0
    Optional: SD7-1.5, SD7-1.5N, SC4-13


    10.2 inch, Digital Touch Screen



    Dimension(W x D x H mm)

    473 x 538 x 1,228

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