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highly reliable and the most requested IPL platform in the field of aesthetic medicine
Owning this device is like having an array of seven types of lasers within one convenient platform. The combination of the best technical parameters and unique patented technologies makes


NannoLight a means of safe and effective use for the following indications:

  • effective depilation
  • photorejuvenation of the skin
  • pigment spots
  • acne
  • vascular anomalies (dilated capillaries and veins, rosacea)
  • Sub-Zero Epidermal Cooling

    • The powerful water cooling of the applicator makes it possible to carry out treatments almost painlessly even during high energy levels.
    • This will achieve excellent therapeutic results while guaranteeing the patient's comfort.
    • Effective cooling allows treating even darker skin types and safely preventing skin damage.
    • If necessary, the crystal can be cooled down to a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius.
  • Square flash pattern

    • The digitally controlled square flash pattern guarantees an efficient distribution of pulse energy.
    • The highest quality electronics used completely eliminate unwanted and dangerous power peaks of the light pulse, common in classic Gauss IPL systems.
    • The therapist is able to follow an uncompromisingly effective and painless course of treatment at every moment.
  • Three-phase filter system

    • It safely absorbs the unwanted UV component of the spectrum.
    • The first part of the filter consists of a reflective chamber coated
    • 24-carat gold.
    • Already in this part, more than 90% of UV radiation is captured even while preserving the functional components of the spectrum.
  • Easily replaceable sapphire filters

    • Easily replaceable sapphire filters form the second and third parts of the filter system.
    • They enable the precise selection of the section of the spectrum necessary to carry out the desired therapy.
  • NANNOLIGHT Sub-Zero Multi Pip technology

    • NannoLight offers a choice of eight different pulse patterns.
    • The specially designed Multi-PIP (Pulse in Pulse) mode ensures the distribution of light pulses to the skin in the most gentle way. The most modern principle of selective photothermolysis is thus observed.
    • The energy is absorbed in the lower layers of the skin, but the more sensitive upper layers are cooled between individual Multi-PIP pulses.
    • The ability to precisely target the therapy is the key to a gentle approach to the patient, thus ensuring the patient's complete satisfaction.

    • The most wanted IPL platform
    • A combination of the best technical parameters
    • Square flash pattern
    • Three-phase filter system
    • Choice of 8 different pulse modes
    • The most modern principle of selective photothermolysis
    • Powerful sub-zero epidermal cooling
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