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Diode laser


A new laser solution for the treatment of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon is an excellent breast cancer treatment device with a wavelength of 980 nm energy. Destruction of tissue by insertion of optical fibers that transmit laser in complete and not reversible necrosis of lesions. It destroys the lesion without removing the organ, thus preserving its normal anatomy.

  • Indication

    • Breast cancer
    • Perineoplasty
    • Surgical purpose
  • Technical specifications

    • Laser type: System diode laser
    • Wavelength: 980nm (basic, dual channels)
    • Power: Max. 30W
    • Pilot diode: 650nm, < lmW
    • Mode: pulse mode
    • Repetition rate: 0.5~10Hz
    • Interface: LCD touch screen
    • Cooling: air
    • Dimension: 279 (W) x 686 (D) x 786 (H)
    • Weight: 35 kg
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