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(RF) CO₂ Fractional Laser 10,600nm


Scahil is a powerful CO₂ fractional ablation laser that delivers skin renewal treatments and effectively removes scars. It is also highly effective for various lesions such as wrinkles, large pores and uneven texture. The surface fractional mode is designed to provide less thermal damage so that the patient can recover faster after the treatment.
Customization of the user mode allows for precise execution in different lesions and the handpieces are designed for surgical use.

  • Features

    • RF head equipped with a CO₂ laser
    • Excellent therapeutic effect, short-term reduced time and safe procedure
    • It provides a uniform and high quality beam pattern
    • Stable output power
    • Double head
    • Faction head
    • Surgical thin head
    • 70 ~ 120 ㎛ fine size DOT
    • Different beam patterns
    • Simple interface
    • Simple control for setting the beam shape and parameter
    • Simple controls for fraction and normal mode
  • Indication

    • Acne scars
    • Enlarged pores
    • Skin tone and texture
    • Stretch marks
    • Skin renewal
    • Wrinkle removal
    • Treatment of pigment spots
  • Technical specifications

    • Laser type: RF CO₂Laser
    • wavelength. 10,600nm
    • Maximum energy: 115mJ (breaking mode), 30W (normal mode)
    • Pulse duration: Fractional mode: 0.046 ~ 3.150ms,
    • Normal mode - CW mode: A wave is in progress
    • Single mode: 50ms ~ 1000ms (on time)
    • Pulse mode: 50ms ~ 1000ms (on time)
    • 50ms ~ 1000ms (off time)
    • Repetition rate: 104 ~ 155Hz (break mode), 0.50 ~ 10Hz (normal mode)
    • Space size: 1x1 ~ 20x20 mm
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