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How does it work?

SGA is a device intended for semi-permanent make-up. Semi-permanent makeup is like a permanent tattoo makeup style, which is a new technique. It is different from a tattoo, because the tattoo remains forever. SGA is a device that allows the treatment of a specific location by programming the appropriate and optimal speed for each mode. SGA needles, by regular vertical movement up and down and injecting micropigmentation into the target area. In addition to its beautifying effect, it is also used for medical purposes in several diseases. For example vitiligo (lack of skin pigment), scars and areola.

  • Technology

    Needle depth control system (from 0~2.0mm)

    By using the needle depth control lever, the appropriate needling depth can be set. There is a guide line every 0.2 mm, which allows you to easily adjust the needling depth.

    3 different types of needles

    Depending on the treated area and purpose. SGA provides three different types of needles for all types of treatment. Each needle is individually packaged, which allows for hygienic use.


    It can be recharged without any other adapters

    Option of 4 different modes

    Various information can be viewed through the LCD screen. For example battery status, energy level of needling speed. Treatment regimens etc. Various modes are possible through the SGA, e.g. tattooing of lips, contours of eyes, eyebrows.

  • Advantages

    A. Color LCD display

    B. Storage of the head

    The head can be placed inside the device, which protects it from internal pollution and at the same time guarantees hygienic storage.

    C. Comfortable to hold during long use

    Non-slip materials are used on the grip side for the convenience of treatment and it is prevented that injuries occur during treatment.

    D. Control lever for adjusting the needling depth

    Simple handling and the possibility of adjusting the depth of needling. A finer depth of needling can be adjusted with a lever.

  • Specification

    • Voltage: DC5V / 2.2~2.5A
    • Applicator: Device for permanent makeup
    • Needle exposure length: 0~2.0mm
    • Size (W x D x H mm): 11∮ x 125.95mm x 17.80∮ / 210 x 150 x 56
    • Weight: 64g / 568g (main device)
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