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How does VITAL INJECTOR 2 work?


Vital injector2 is an innovative and modernized device of the original Vital injector, an automatic water-based injector.
The device has adopted the latest technology for the simultaneous use of 5 needles, which increases efficiency and reduces treatment time.
It has also adopted a replaceable filter system that offers safe treatment in a hygienic environment.

  • Advantages

    • A. Adopting a replaceable and removable filter system

    The removable and replaceable filter system enables the use of more hygienic treatments.

    • B. Needle cover

    The filter cover protects the injector needles from contamination and transfer of any substances.

    • C. Using different types of syringes

    4 types of syringes can be used. These are types: 1cc, 2cc, 3cc and 5cc. They are highly compatible.

    • D. Display panel

    The enlarged LCD panel shows the number of injections, the depth of needle penetration, drug dosage, operating mode and makes using the device more convenient.

    • E. Internal mirror

    Minimized noise and vibration with optimized technology, stabilized vacuum performance.

    • F. Reversing

    Backflow function to minimize drug loss.

    • G. USB modernization

    You can update the software using USB.

    • H. Filter

    Hygienic maintenance by regularly replacing the filters located at the bottom of the device.

    • I. Main body

    The extended LCD display allows checking the Type of syringes, Needle penetration depth, Operating mode, Drug dosage, Speed/Vacuum level and the like.

  • What is the difference between Vital Injector 1 an

    • The biggest difference is the upgraded contamination protection function.
    • Vital Injector 2 has the removable filter on the right side of the main body which protects the inside of the injector from contamination by impurities sucked in during treatment.
    • By putting the cover over the lower part of the needles it protects the mounting part of the needles and makes its maintenance easier.
    • The refined syringe control system improves the problem of drug residue in the syringes.
    • Noise is reduced by installing the new suction motor.
    • Finally it becomes more convenient to use with the newly enlarged LCD panel.


  • Technology

    The Vital Injektor with a 5-needle system provides safe and precise treatments. It offers settings for Syringe Type, Drug Dosing, Needle Penetration Depth and Injection Speed.

  • Specification

    • Needle information: 31G, 5Pin Multi-needle type
    • Needle penetration control: 0.0 – 5.0 mm (Interval 0.2mm)
    • Type of syringes: 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc
    • Operating mode: Intermittent, Continuous (continuous)
    • El. voltage and frequency: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
    • Dimensions (width, length, height): Injector: 293x49x169
    • Body: 333x298x130
    • Panel: Injector LCD: 1.7 INCHES
    • LCD body: 5.0 INCHES, touch screen
    • Points: 231 x 248 x 128
    • Weight: 4.7 kg (body+injector)

    • The biggest difference is the improved function of protection against contamination.
    • The Vital Injektor 2 has a removable filter on the right side of the main body that protects the interior of the injector from clogging and contamination with dirt that could be sucked in during treatment.
    • By placing the cover on the lower part of the needles, the supporting part of the needles is protected and helps to maintain them better.
    • A sophisticated syringe control system solves the problem of drug residues in syringes.
    • Noise is reduced by installing a new intake motor.
    • And finally, the new, enlarged LCD display makes using the device more comfortable.
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