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Vacuum therapy for natural weight loss and slimming
Wellspa offers natural body and face treatments. It is solved by connected technologies based on
negative pressure therapy and dynamic pulse. The system increases/improves your professional skills from professional applicators.

  • Facial powerlifting is a specially developed syste

    • Method: facial applicators (Rectangle, Cicrle)
  • Body LiposlimCare provides a proven solution for w

    • Method: Auto-roll applicator, ball applicators
  • Applicators

    • Auto-roll applicator- The size of the auto-roll applicator makes it possible to pull out the target area of the skin using the vacuum effect.
  • Ball applicators

    • 3 types of special applicators developed for the face, hands, feet and body
  • Facial applicators

    • Small applicators are developed for care around the eyes and corners of the mouth.
  • Clinical indications:

    • weight loss
    • size reduction
    • cellulite
    • face lift
    • skin and skin textures


    1. auto-roll type large applicator, 2. ball applicators, 3. face applicators

    650 mmHg

    100 V, 110 V, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

    Cooling contact

    5.5 inch LCD

    346*472*1.292 mm

    40 kg

  • Why WELLSPA?

    Vacuum therapy for natural weight loss and slimming
    Auto-roll applicators, ball applicators, face applicators
    It combines pressotherapy, vacuum massage, endermology and dynamic pulse technology

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