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Not Matrix fractional RF system

Liftron has a TherMatrix technology combining energy monopolar and bipolar radio frequency ( RF ).

• It synegrické connection mono - and bi - polar RF , increases the security of its application on all skin types .

• Dual heating by means of mono - and bi - polar RF energy would meet increasing temperature while maintaining epidermal protection

• Liftron system consists of a single platform with differing extensions for different treatment

• treats different parts of the body - face , eyelids , abdomen , arms , palms , thighs and buttocks

• It has many advantages , such as skin firming , contouring and shaping the body and also the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite .

• All use a single system based on the change attachments 

Innovative combination treatment

• Non-invasive treatment of wrinkles

• Safe and effective treatment of darker skin

• Fast treatment , immediate visible results

• A new category of fractional skin treatment system

• Visible results on the skin , without the disruption and to the best application for all types of skin

• The minimum period of inactivity , the device demonstrated efficacy , satisfied patients


Liftron NF - RF attachments

Significantly improves skin tone and texture , wrinkles and skin irregularities

1 . Intelligently designed attachments to maximize the possibilities of treatment and maximum results

2 . No consumer waste

3 . Different settings attachments  




  • The combination of monopolar and bipolar RF
  • Innovative combination treatment for removing wrinkles, skin lifting and Shaping
  • A safe and effective treatment for darker skin types
  • Various settings attachments
  • Small and portable
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