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is a device specially designed and manufactured for clinical applications of regenerative procedures using autologous micrografts obtained from the patient.
Using Rigener, during just one surgical procedure, the patient is both the donor and the recipient of calibrated micro-grafts. This one-step procedure significantly enriches the number of stem cells in the surgical site where it was necessary to regenerate the skin.

  • General protocol for the Rigenera method

    Using two 2.5 mm samples, a small sample of tissue is taken from an area not affected by androgenic hair loss (at the back of the head and neck), the sample must contain hair follicles. The extracted tissue must be processed in a very sterile environment, using the Rigenera device, which allows us to disaggregate the tissue and filter out the progenitor cells, which will later be applied to the treated area, in this case the head.

    A small tissue sample is placed in the Rigeneracons kit along with 1 ml of sterile saline.
    The Rigeneracons kit is inserted into the Rigenera device and the process can begin. The procedure can take from a few seconds to 4 minutes depending on the type of tissue and the desired result to create a suspension of cells and stromal tissue.
    The breakdown time is different for each type of tissue. During the disaggregation process, the cells pass through the filter and are deposited in a liquid suspension at the bottom of the Rigeneracons.
    After the tissue is divided, the Rigeneracons kit can be removed from the Rigenera device.

  • Clinical applications:

    • tissue regeneration,
    • prevention of hair loss, treatment of androgenic hair loss, complementary hair transplant procedure.
    • Dermatology: lack of skin pigment, scars, keloids and spots
    • Orthopedics: cartilage regeneration, bone black
    • Blood vessels: vascular ulcers and skin ulcers
    • Aesthetic medicine: rejuvenation, burns
    • Dentistry: bone regeneration, periodontology
    • Urology: Peyronie's disease, erectile dysfunction
  • Specification

    Supply voltage: 110/240 Vac - + 10% 60/50 Hz
    Temperature: from + 10 to + 40 C
    Maximum relative humidity: 65%
    Auxiliary drive: < 0.1 A
    Dimensions: 36x33x31 cm
    Weight: 1.6 kg

  • Rigeneracons

    Code: 79450S, 50 microns
    Code: 79350S, 35 microns
    Packaging: 10 pcs
    Size: 61x9.5x6 cm
    Weight: 320 g

  • Why Rigenera?

    • Effectively treats androgenetic alopecia and other health problems.
    • It uses autologous micrografts obtained from the patient.
    • The patient is both donor and recipient at the same time.
    • Regenerates affected tissues.
    • Without the need to prepare the patient before the procedure.
    • Prevention of hair loss.
    • Quick and painless treatment.
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